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Privacy in the educational sector: lets do it together
Dealing adequately with privacy in the educational sector is important. You do this by not only writing down agreements, but also turning these agreements into practice. That is why Holm Security has joined as a participant in the privacy covenant for Dutch Educational organizations.
By Jan Willem Plokkaar

This privacy covenant is setup by different schools to create a general contracts and agreements with suppliers. In this way closing deals between the parties becomes much easier and controllable.

In this cooperation, the school is in control, after all they are responsible for the careful handling of the pupils' personal data and the communication with their parents. Digital learning resources can no longer be ignored in education. It is important that the privacy of students is protected when using these learning materials. By providing schools with insights of the actual security of their IT environment, Holm Security performs various vulnerability analyses.

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At Holm Security, we want to create a clear understanding of vulnerabilities and be transparent, by simply explaining and offering a plain service to do so. That way everyone can use and understand it. We use an online security environment that makes it clear at a glance what the status of your IT environment is.

To view the status of your IT environment, we invite you to conduct a test scan. Feel free to contact us.

About the author
Jan Willem has over 7 years of experience of business development within the IT-security and telecom industry. He is the Country Manager of the Netherlands at Holm Security.

Jan Willem Plokkaar
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