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Take cyber security measures - before it’s too late
We are constantly faced with news reports regarding companies and country authorities getting breached from east to west around the world, releasing immeasurable amounts of data that becomes permanent data loss.
By Stefan Thelberg Topics: Hacker attacks

If we choose to disregard the obvious impact of these different cyber attacks we’ve read about lately, being for example the Facebook hack in September this year, WannaCry last year and Gandcrab that was discovered earlier this year. The long-term damage that follows expensive payouts to ransomware, permanent damage to the companies or authorities trust by the public and the personal data released, this still doesn’t seem to bother most people out there. Board members seem to be shrugging their shoulders, thinking “that won’t happen to us”.  

Not only larger organizations

Medium-sized organizations should be the ones most worried, since they seem to think they are in the shadow of larger enterprises, with more payoff for the attacker. Little do they think of the fact of them being the easier target, seeing as they are not overlooking their vulnerabilities beyond their firewall. A hacker can therefor spend loads of time gathering information and planning the attack without the organization ever noticing before it’s too late.

Third largest threat to global society

In the beginning of this year the World Economic Forum released the Global Risks Report 2018, where cyber attacks are ranked as the third largest threat to today’s society, right after extreme weather and natural disasters. Both which are closely monitored and reported by authorities around the world. Even though the digitalization keeps growing by the second, all at the same speed as vulnerabilities, the decision makers are sound asleep until it ends up on their doorstep.

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About the author
Founder and CEO of Holm Security. Stefan is one of Sweden's most prominent cyber security entrepreneurs, previously founded the Swedish Webhosting Group and Stay Secure. Stay Secure was the largest email security provider in northern Europe. He has worked with sales of IT security products towards the private and public sector for close to 20 years.

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