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The protection of residents' data, combined with offering service and flexibility, is a challenge. New laws and regulations, such as GDPR, NIS, and BIG (Netherlands), require increasing effort from municipalities to raise their IT security to a higher level.

Holm Security - an experienced player in the public sector

With the Holm Security VMP, you have the tools to get in control of the security of your IT environment. By using our platform you can zoom in on vulnerabilities in your network components and public applications. In addition, you can test the resilience of your employees through phishing simulations. Via the Holm Security platform, you comply with the guidelines set by the national government and you are able to strengthen your information security.

Through years of collaboration with Municipalities, we have gained a lot of experience in the public sector. This experience is reflected in our Holm Security VMP. We spend a lot of time optimizing our platform for integration with municipalities and other government agencies. The aim is to provide continuous insight into IT security and ensuring that these organizations and their citizens are better protected.

Are you secure enough?

How secure are your IT environments? Is the network environment of your government institution well protected? And what about the applications you use? Holm Security contributes to the automation of information security through continuous processes. Hackers are becoming more and more inventive and dozens of new vulnerabilities are discovered every day. This means, a network that seemed to be safe yesterday, is vulnerable today.

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Holm Security is the largest supplier of automated and continuous vulnerability management for municipalities in Sweden, and we also work in this sector in more countries across Europe. This gives us a great amount of experience in solving specific challenges that you might face.