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Holm Security VMP | OnPrem

Automated & continuous vulnerability management

Holm Security VMP | OnPrem is a comprehensive platform for network and web application scanning. With our platform you are in control of the security in networks, systems, web applications, APIs, cloud services, and cloud infrastructure. The platform automatically and continuously scans for an ever-increasing number of vulnerabilities. The platform provides several functions for compliance with NIS (Network and Information Security), PCI, GDPR, ISO 27001, and PDPA.

Targeted sectors

Holm Security VMP | OnPrem targets all type of organizations with high security demands:
  • SMB market
  • Large and large enterprises
  • Government agencies 
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Providers of critical digital and physical infrastructure
  • Military and intelligence service
  • Law enforcement agencies

Local installation  

Holm Security VMP | OnPrem is a complete platform that is installed in your own IT environment on your own hardware. Meaning that no vulnerable data, without any exceptions, ever leaves your organization. Maintenance and access to the systems from Holm Security are carried out with the highest level of security over secure communication routes. All tests performed are verified and signed by our vulnerability test experts.

Powerful tools & features

Holm Security VMP | OnPrem includes several powerful tools that allow you to effectively work with vulnerabilities, whether you have a smaller number of vulnerabilities or thousands, such as Asset Management, Vulnerability Manager, Continuous Monitoring, and remediation.

Versatile integrations

Holm Security VMP | OnPrem offers a number of possibilities for integrations with other solutions. The Platform API makes it possible to integrate with e.g. CI/CD and SIEM products and SOC services. There are also ready-made solutions for integration with e.g. Jira and Slack. You can also use Webhooks for integration with a variety of systems.

Create your own structure - effective & safe

Our portal Organizer enables different people and departments to be given isolated access to relevant data in the Security Center, while there’s still a centralized administration. This streamlines the administration without compromising security.

Expert assistance & continuous follow-up meetings

Our highly competent Customer Success Team and our Security Specialist Team continuously supports you in your work with our platform and to solve vulnerabilities. Through continuous follow-up meetings, we ensure that you make progress, get the most out of the investment in our platform, and that you are making progress in the work of reducing the number of vulnerabilities to increase your IT security. Our experts together with our technical functions help you interpret and prioritize the vulnerabilities discovered.